New Balance

Running campaign for the new New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V7

Skin Proud

Raising awarenes of their skinsistancy product range and crearting a viral product with their wonderclay cleanser

Heinz X Sheese

Multi Brand Box featuring Heinz and Sheese to create the Ultimate Vegan Burger

why gifta?

Pure Authenticity Only

All influencers that receive gifts are not paid and are under no obligation to write positive reviews, meaning all interactions are 100% authentic and feedback completely honest.

Fulfilment + Postage

Every part of the Gifta process is looked after by us and each product delivered in beautiful personalised boxes, making the interaction feel special.

Tracking & Reporting

Our Influencers have given us authorisation to track their Instagram data which allows us to report in realtime on granular metrics.

how gifta works

Creator Invitation

We invite hundreds of content creators to tell them all about you and to see who is interested in a gift from your brand.

Product Gifting

We send your product out to the Influencers, beautifully boxed with personalised handwritten notes.

Content Creation

The Influencers receive your product and if they love it they create their story and post it across their channels.


We provide access to a campaign tracker that deep dives into all the campaign’s content, tracking it across all platforms for real-time insights and detailed metrics. 

what we offer

Single Brand Campaign

  • One brand in a box
  • Influencer Brief Card
  • Personalised Handwritten note
  • Postage & Packaging
  • Influencer tracking and reporting

Multi Brand Campaign

  • Multiple brands in a box
  • Influencer Brief Cards for each brand
  • Personalised Handwritten note
  • Postage & Packaging
  • Influencer tracking and reporting

IP Content Usage

You can buy the usage writes to content created, enabling you to utilise across all other channels including:
  • Paid Social, E-mail
  • Offline & Print

gifta logistics

Tracking, reporting & feedback

What does it do?

The Gifta platform tracks all creators’ content across multiple platforms providing data which allows us to report in real-time on granular metrics with ROI analysis.

want to start gifting with us?

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