Have you ever considered using influencers in your marketing, but you’ve been put off by the thought of paying through the nose for them? Well, you might only be a few minutes away from rethinking your whole strategy…

The sheer number of celebrity personalities and macro-influencers promoting products these days is enough to put everyday marketers off the idea entirely, but there’s hope for the high-ambitioned yet financially challenged amongst us yet.

Nano-influencers could be your ticket to those target-smashing performances you’ve been pining for all these years, but what exactly are they and how do you start using them? Here’s your guide to everything you need to get started with nano-influencers.


What Are Nano-Influencers?

Nano-influencers are online personalities who help brands promote their products and services to audiences of around 1,000 people across their owned channels. They are not of celebrity status, nor is their content of ridiculously high production value—they are instead more relatable and approachable to everyday folk than your average Kim Kardashian.


How Do Nano-Influencers Differ From Other Influencers?

For brand marketing purposes, the main differences between nano-influencers and other types of influencers typically come down to follower counts. Macro-influencers and celebrities might have hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of followers. Micro-influencers might have up to 50,000, for argument’s sake, but nano-influencers are more likely to be within the three- or four-figure range. They have a small circle of influence on their chosen channels, but that comes with its own unique benefits for brands who want to create real connections with potential customers.


What Are The Benefits Of Using Nano-Influencers?

Enlisting the help of nano-influencers to reach your marketing goals will hopefully seem like an obvious path once you’re done reading this. In fact, you’ll probably wish you’d taken it sooner. Here are some of the best things about nano-influencer marketing


  • They enjoy the trust and loyalty of closer connections 

The term ‘tight-knit’ springs to mind when you think of the communities that nano-influencers tend to build. They often enjoy a greater level of friendship with their followers than their macro-influencer counterparts, which means their word about your products is more likely to be trusted.


  • They are packed with personalisation potential

When it comes to personalising your campaigns, you can enjoy engaging and rewarding chats with nano-influencers to get on the same page from day dot. This can help you make sure that any product you might gift them is perfectly matched to their story as well as their audience.


  • Their engagement rates can be through the roof

The smaller audience size of nano-influencers usually means they can be far more engaged with people on a one-to-one basis. Don’t be surprised to see them responding to every comment and personally interacting with your potential customers.


  • They are more attentive to your brand’s story

Thanks to this level of personalisation, nano-influencers can more naturally get under the skin of your brand and align with your own objectives. This way, they can ensure that any content they decide to publish about your products complements your narrative as well as theirs.


  • They can offer your brand a great competitive edge

If your competitors have bigger budgets that allow them to attract celebrity endorsements, fear not. Taking the nano-influencer approach fosters much more emotional connections with the product and the story. The relationships work both ways, too, so you and your nano-influencers can help each other grow over time—before you know it, you’ll have an army of micro-influencers carving you out a competitive advantage you never thought possible.


When Would You Use A Nano-Influencer?

The best times to use nano-influencers differ from brand to brand and product to product, but they are typically great value for money across the board, especially if you start with a gifting approach.

Gifting means you can give nano-influencers or micro-influencers products in exchange for honest, high-quality content on their social channels. When you gift a product, there’s often no payment involved on top, so it’s a good route to take when you don’t have the megabucks.

You might also use nano-influencers when you have a particularly niche product to market. The audiences of nano-influencers can often be smaller when they specialise in a certain subtopic or subcategory of products or services. While the appeal might not be global for a given niche, the engagement is far more likely to be greater because a very specific group of people are interested in what they have to say.

Consider the needs of your target audience and those of your chosen influencers when you’re choosing which products to gift for your next campaign.


When Wouldn’t You Use A Nano-Influencer?

If you want to make a bigger splash with a new product, nano-influencers might not help you achieve the reach you need. Let’s say you’re launching a brand-new range of eco-friendly phone cases and you want to reach thousands of people in multiple countries. The number of people with smartphones nowadays means the net needs to be cast pretty wide, so you might look for a bunch of micro-influencers with five-figure audiences in multiple territories to spread the word (instead of blowing your budget on one macro-influencer). Of course, these relationships still take time to build, so it’s not as easy as that, but the point is that your marketing objectives will probably impact the kinds of influencers you use.

Consider what kind of reach you need to gain and whether or not that’s going to be more important than direct engagement, for example, when you’re choosing your influencers.


How To Find And Reach Out To Nano-Influencers

At Gifta, we have a well-established network of nano-influencers and micro-influencers who are ready to work with brands like yours. We carefully select who we work with based on their specialisms, the quality of their content and the consistency of their engagement levels across social, which means we can help you find the nano-influencers for you.

If you want to bring your brand story to life with nano-influencers who can help you reach many more potential customers, give us a shout at hello@gifta.co.uk today—we’d love to help you out.